Orphanage Sustainability

Our orphanage sustainability program is a designed to provide a major source of support for some of the orphanages we work with. Though we would like to include every orphanage in this program, the number that we can support is limited. We choose those most in need of support and who do not receive assistance, or receive limited assistance, from other organizations.

Our flagship institution for this is Sister Iye orphanage in the Barnesville area of Montserrado County. Over the last several years we have been able to help them with a variety of needs including beds, food, running water, and a playground. In addition to various daily needs we try to provide each of these orphanages with a some type of vocational training program for those kids who will soon be leaving the facility when they are of age. At Sister Iye we have provided sewing machines for those who have shown an interest in tailoring and have completed practical training.      

This program is the core of what we do in Liberia and we hope to continue and expand it as much as possible.