Green Energy Solutions

Liberia currently suffers from the second highest energy costs and the least developed power grid in the world.  This combination functionally eradicates access to electricity for the majority of the country, as, even those who have a source for electricity cannot afford it.  Due to this, Partner Liberia developed a sustainable solar energy program for orphanages and healthcare providers that care for the most underserved communities in Liberia.  

Through a fruitful partnership with Pickering Energy Solutions, we have been able to provide 24-hour electricity to two orphanages, three clinics, and two healthcare colleges.  The systems implemented, which were designed by PES an customized to meet the rugged conditions of Liberia, now provide running water, lights (crucial for evening healthcare provision and security), food refrigeration, along with all of the other life improvements that electricity facilitates.  Moreover, these systems provide all of these features in an environmentally friendly, sustainable, no-cost manner.  


Chip Pickering began traveling to Liberia as an engineer and missionary shortly after the end of the Liberia's civil war in 2006, restoring power to Phebe Hospital and providing local power projects. After several trips supervising installations, providing training and building a team, in 2009 he began installing solar power units for lighting, power and refrigeration in Community Health Department clinics in Bong County, Liberia. To date we have completed 10 clinics and have another 10 more in process. 

He is now operating through Pickering Energy Solutions, and we are pleased to be working with him in providing clean, renewable solar power to orphanages, schools and clinics throughout Liberia. Our relationship has so far allowed us to provide solar power systems for 3 orphanages, a respiratory therapy classroom and a clinic, with several more solar power systems planned for 2016.