Three Surprising Facts About Liberia and Respiratory Health

1. Preventable Respiratory Problems Are Leading Causes of Death in Liberia:


In Liberia, lower respiratory infections are the leading cause of death and responsible for more than 12% of all deaths in the country.  Tuberculosis (5.6% of all deaths) and birth asphyxia/birth trauma (4%) are additional respiratory related issues that also appear in the top ten causes of death.


2. Respiratory Infections Are Responsible for 14% of Deaths of Children Under 5 in Liberia:


In Liberia, 14% of all deaths for children under 5 are due to acute respiratory infections.  An additional 13% of deaths of children under 5 are caused by birth asphyxia


3. These deaths are largely preventable by training Respiratory Therapists:


Partner Liberia opened the Liberia Respiratory Care Institute in 2012, the first school of respiratory therapy in Africa, and worked with the Liberian Medical and Dental Council (LMDC) to create a Respiratory Therapist license, facilitating national recognition of the profession.


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